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On April 3rd, 2010, Princess Stephanie of Monaco established World Circus Day. Her goal was to publicize the role of the Circus as part of our shared cultural heritage.

Celebrations and shows are held every year worldwide to celebrate the wonders of the magical and spectacular world of Circus on this special day.

We decided to release an album to commemorate this special day this year and celebrate our place under the colorful Circus roof.

Our special 5-pieces album was brought to life by talented and witty musician and arranger Firat Ikivri, the founder of Anonim production and a member of the Barabar music band.

Of course, our shows and stories we tell are slightly different from the traditional circus performances.

Since we represent the Circus of the communication world, our stories will be related to it.

Each piece has a message addressed to the communication industry we represent. We pay respect and send our best regards to Princess Stéphanie Marie Elisabeth of Monaco. Enjoy listening!Open in spotify

CIRCUS SHOW ft. Firat Ikisivri-Season 1

1. On the search for the right campaign.
Explanation: The process between the brand’s brief and the campaign’s creation is challenging. It might be only compared to a painful birth process. Ideas that you fall in love with become meaningless; some excellent ideas never grow into a fully grown product. Sometimes a perfect idea creates a cacophony by clashing different media sources of execution. At last, you found a rare gem that passed through all the stages of criticism and ready to appear on the proposal.

2. At last, the right campaign is born, but what about the cost!
Explanation: Advertising costs are related to the supply-demand balance. As the market grows, media inflation will remain an inevitable reality. We have to consider that the change in the advertiser portfolio can increase the cost.

3. The never-losing-hope ad spot tries to be memorable by taking a deserved place during prime time.
Explanation: We have a fantastic spot; now, it is ready to meet its target audience. However, the ad might be at the wrong slot and never reach its desired place. The ad seeks its perfect place under the sun. Will it succeed?

4. Celebrity influence in the campaign
Explanation: With the rise of the social media influence, celebrities have become a stand-out medium on their own. In perfectly matched collaborations, they act as an important connecting and separating factor as cellists ensuring harmony in the orchestra.

5. Is there another place away from the ad break slot (branded content)
Explanation: Advertising films will be always at the heart of communication. They are responsible for awareness, one of the most important steps at the bottom of the marketing pyramid. However, if there is a need to fill up the middle block of the pyramid, which breaks a judgment, changes a behavior, or gets closer to reality, then branded content comes into play. If the commercial is defined as a solo instrument, branded content can be described as a symphony.

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